This month Munk One is pleased to release a new screen printed poster entitled “ The Road” from City and Colour’s “Road to Bonnaroo” tour dates that took place from May 30th – June 7th, 2012

Something particularly special about this print is that it features Munk One’s personal favorite bird, the Kakapo, perched high a top the pile of suitcases. The Kakapo from New Zealand is a very unique flightless bird, the worlds heaviest parrot, and possibly the oldest living bird. Sadly, it is also critically endangered. In 1995 there were only 50 of these birds left in the entire world, but through the hard work of the Kakapo Recovery Program ( there are now 126 birds left at of the time of this writing.

50 S/N (Silver) AP Variants and 20 S/N (Regular Edition) AP’s of City and Colour’s “The Road” by Munk One are on sale for now $45.00 each +shipping at

$20 from each AP print of “The Road” sold online will go to the KAKAPO Recovery program ( at the end of the sale for use in the continued recovery and future of these interesting birds.

Some people feel this bird does not have much of a chance for survival, and believe it would be better to put resources into other critically endangered species, but certainly not everyone agrees. Let’s not write the Kakapo off yet!!

Through this sale we will hopefully raise about $1,400.00 for the KAKAPO Recovery program along with some increased exposure on the condition of this critically endangered species.

Special thanks go out to City and Colour (Dallas Green), Tsurt and Invisible Industries for their assistance in coordinating this special project.