Share this image! :) #AMABIEchallenge Art by @liajocelin In the late 1800s Edo Era of Japan, a Yokai appeared and spoke of abundance and a pandemic, the latter which could be staved off by sharing its image. A drawing was made into wood block prints and shared like a meme far and wide. Nowadays, artists have been creating fun new drawings and sharing them during this Covid-19 pandemic, accompanied by the hashtag #AMABIEchallenge. This is my version!! . . The Amabie Legend: “A glowing object had been spotted in the sea, almost on a nightly basis. The town’s official went to the coast to investigate and witnessed the amabie. According to the sketch made by this official, it had long hair, a mouth like bird’s bill, was covered in scales from the neck down and three-legged. Addressing the official, it identified itself as an amabie and told him that it lived in the open sea. It went on to deliver a prophecy: “Good harvest will continue for six years from the current year; if disease spreads, show a picture of me to those who fall ill and they will be cured.” Afterward, it returned to the sea.” . . . #maythemoderndayplagegoaway #amabie #inkdrawing #ink #original #draw #drawing #colorful #print #illustration #paper #art #artist #artwork #arte #gallery #creative #artistoninstagram #artsy @invisible_industries